Election Over – Now Maximise!


I don’t know if you were voting on Thursday at the General Election but I have particularly seen an interesting parallel when comparing business to the Election run-up.
There are a lot of people with opinions about business and entrepreneurship as with politics that have been passed down from well meaning and protective parents who also have forged their own thinking from their own parents and from a different time and generation. This is all well and good, and even sentimental, as it becomes your forefathers identity of which you are a part, though you can really trip you up unconsciously when challenged with what you actually do believe politically, how and why you chose your employment or business and what your expectations of success are and what this is based on?
It is all well and good being polite, upstanding and and socially acceptable in the work place but an entrepreneur needs unwavering belief in themselves, the acknowledgement they are ultimately responsible and captain of their own ship, a fairness when it comes to their employees, a good sense of budget and not overspending plus the character and salesmanship to bring in new business. It is one thing to be a “worker” and to “put in a shift” but creating and running a business is so much more than this in the imagination, intelligence, energy and strategy required. Likewise, our political choices ought to be made with the famous John F Kennedy’s request in mind that we should not ask “what can my country do for me but instead what can I do for my country”. In other words, and in life generally, particularly with our businesses and careers, we should see our work as our mission and literally our life’s work and as the legacy we will leave behind and what we were known for and here to do not just as the job or “shift” we “clock in” for. I am not demeaning having a job instead of your own business but I am flying the flag for maximising the role you have and growing it and smashing it and not just going through the motions as a means to collect a pay cheque to pay the bills or because you have always thought a certain way without questioning it. So Maximise!

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